Follow your favorite country stars to tattoo shops, dive bars and even into "The Woods" in this round-up of new music videos. Read on for all the fun! 

Mitchell Tenpenny (feat. Seaforth), "Anything She Says":

Mitchell Tenpenny teams up with Aussie duo Seaforth in the hilarious music video for "Anything She Says." The clip follows the reluctantly compliant lovers through an evolving photoshoot, starting out as scantily-clad woodsmen and moving through a variety of overplayed themes (including a Parisan llama!) to make a girl happy. Tenpenny and his counterparts from Down Under pull out all the glamor stops in this fun frolic with a soundtrack to match.

Montgomery Gentry, "Crazies Welcome":

Filmed at Springwater Superclub and Lounge in Nashville, Eddie Montgomery opens his arms to everybody in the music video for "Crazies Welcome." Against the backdrop of the oldest bar to serve alcohol in Tennessee (and a speak-easy during Prohibition in the 1920s), the video showcases all types. Members of the eclectic flock sing karaoke to Montgomery's homage to all of the ones that might not have the red carpet rolled out for them, even the crazies.

Zac Brown Band, "The Woods":

The Zac Brown Band venture into "The Woods" in a blooper reel set to the song from their latest album The Owl. In a series of home-video fails, ala America's Funniest Home Videos, the peppy ZBB song plays out the ups and downs of working life out, sometimes the hard way.

“I’m a fan of fails and people who just go for it, even if they stumble along the way,” Brown tells Rolling Stone. “It’s a reminder to bust your ass when reaching for new, great things, because epic fails only come if you’re doing something truly epic.”

Lilly Hiatt, "Brightest Star":

Lilly Hiatt visits her favorite tattoo shop in Nashville in the music video for "Brightest Star." Filming the video was an exercise in capturing exactly what the artist had in mind. “It was an inspiring morning for me,” Hiatt tells Rolling Stone. “The colors in the video are the same ones I see in my head when I hear the song.” The video follows clients in the shop as they fight through the pain for new artwork.

Ron Pope, "My Wildest Dreams":

Ron Pope delivers an animated take on a fantastical dreamscape in the music video for "My Wildest Dreams." An ode to his new daughter, the touching lyrics speak to the beyond-imagination life as father that Pope has discovered. The tender animation follows a young girl and her pet bear on adventures through woods, across waters and drifting in the sky and rocketing into space on her way to be tucked in safe in bed next to her protective father.

Jordan Rager, "The Wrong Ones":

Jordan Rager offers up a toast to "The Wrong Ones" in his latest music video. Filmed in a dimly lit bar, Ranger serenades his date with gratitude for all of the relationships that didn't work out on their way to find each other. The singer dances his way around the dead ends and failed attempts as he raises a glass to the end result of finding the right girl.

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