It's hard to not find something to admire about the new 'A Million Ways to Die in the West' trailer. After all, director/star Seth MacFarlane could have rode the massive success of 'Ted' down far more accessible and surefire avenues, but nope, here he is, making an uber-violent western comedy. Even if you don't find his sense of humor humor amusing, you've got to cut him some slack for stepping far outside of Hollywood's comfort zone.

The new red-band trailer more than earns its label, delivering gags built around horrible deaths, sudden maimings and bizarre sex acts. You have Sarah Silverman discussing the finer points of her lady parts, men being crushed and burned to death, MacFarlane simulating oral sex with Liam Neeson, and so many other moments of raunchy indecency. The film may be set in the wild west, but the tone is all 2014 and 'Family Guy.' For better or for worse, this looks like the kind of comedy that will attempt to squeeze a joke into every frame and will go out of its way to ruffle the feathers of ordinary, decent folk.

Will audiences and critics embrace this like they embraced 'Ted,' which was one of 2012's biggest surprise hits? We have no idea. It looks like a more straightforward romp than MacFarlane's previous outing, which actually had plenty of heart to go along with the jokes. Funny is always funny, but 'A Million Days to Die in the West' looks like a big risk ... and that's why we're so interested in the first place.

'A Million Ways to Die in the West' opens on May 30, 2014.

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