This week, country stars revealed new music videos that shared stories from their childhoods, celebrated cherished relationships -- and, in one instance, features an artist getting a drink thrown in his face. Read on! 

Michael Ray, "Her World or Mine":

Michael Ray tells a story from his own childhood in the music video for his song "Her World or Mine." Starring One Tree Hill heartthrob Chad Michael Murray, the poignant lyrics play out against the backdrop of a young boy who watches his world fall apart, and reaches for his guitar to cope. Ray says that's exactly how things went for him.

“I wanted to tell the story of my parents’ divorce and that part of my life – the confusion and the fact that it wasn’t easy for a while. And losing my grandparents was a massive hit, not only to me, but my whole family,” Ray says in a  press release. -- LS

Tanya Tucker, "Bring My Flowers Now":

It's an elegant procession for Tanya Tucker in the music video for "Bring My Flowers Now," the final track from her latest album, While I'm Livin'. On the back of a big palomino horse, Tanya is escorted by two flower girls as she makes her way down an empty street. There, she meets the pianist (Brandi Carlile) who has played the accompaniment along to her resonant lyrics. The video ends with a tip of the hat between Tucker and Carlile, before the country music legend rides off into history. -- LS

Aaron Watson, "Country Radio":

Aaron Watson takes it back in time for the music video of his new song "Country Radio." Recounting the story of his childhood, Watson says that his father, a disabled Vietnam veteran, worked as a janitor to provide for his family. The singer would accompany his dad to work from time to time.

“As we would clean, we would always listen to music. One day we were at this church cleaning toilets," Watson tells in a press release, adding that he began to complain that he wasn't out playing with his friends. "My dad poked his head around the stall and he said, ‘Do you think that I enjoy cleaning these toilets? I had big dreams too. But I went to the war — I got drafted and I got injured and things changed for me. But I’m so thankful that God has blessed me with this job."

Watson says that ever since, the experience has inspired him to give his best in every situation. This new song captures sweet and simple times, with his parents dancing along to -- what else? -- country radio. -- LS

Randy Rogers Band, "I'll Never Get Over You":

Balancing out its mournful-sounding title, the Randy Rogers Band's latest tune, "I'll Never Get Over You," gets a fun-loving, comedic video treatment. After getting jilted on a barstool in a honky tonk, a dejected Randy Rogers kicks off the uptempo number, first flanked by a pair of line-dancing, smiling barflies, then bringing his post-breakup pout to the joint's stage for the song's chorus. Soon, the entire honky tonk joins in on the fun, and a two-stepping party breaks out -- even Rogers' lost love returns for a dance.

"What a fun video to shoot," Rogers says in a press release. "First time I've ever had a drink thrown in my face. Well, on camera at least. I hope you enjoy these great dance moves." -- CL

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