Seth Meyers essentially unleashed the creative floodgates of his former 'SNL' brethren with his 'Second Chance Theatre.' The host unveiled the new segment on 'Late Night' earlier this week, thanks to the instant classic that was Will Forte's 'Jennjamin Franklin,' his favorite sketch that never made it to the 'SNL' screen but got new life when Meyers let Forte and friends perform it on the 'Late Night' stage.

Of course, this now means that just everyone wants their own second chance -- even the charming Maya Rudolph, who never got to see her beloved 'Jingle Singers' make it on 'SNL' when she starred on the show. Meyers may not have given Rudolph the full 'Second Chance Theatre' treatment, but she didn't need it -- after all, the "lyrics" to the theme song from 'Taxi' speak for themselves (no, really).