The idea behind 'Big Hero 6,' Walt Disney's first animated Marvel movie since they acquired the home of The Avengers, is an exciting prospect, one that we've been tracking for some time. While the full cast is still to be announced, today brings our first look at this new team of superheroes through six unofficial movie posters.

We say "unofficial" because, though the below art (found via Stitch Kingdom) looks legit, it has not been officially approved for marketing by Disney, and could very well be changed before release. (Worth noting is that Disney recently shortened Wasabi No-Ginger to just Wasabi, while the character's full name is still on the images.) That said, they do offer our first looks at the entire team assembled.

Aside from our 14-year-old genius Hiro Hamada and his robot pal Baymax, the two we've met before in the first 'Big Hero 6' trailer and posters, we also have fanboy-turned-friendly-monster Fredzilla (voiced by 'Transformers 4' star T.J. Miller), daredevil bike messenger Gogo Tomago (voiced by Jamie Chung), clean freak Wasabi, and part-time barista/chemist Honey Lemon. Maya Rudolph also has a role in the film, suspected (but not confirmed) to be that of Honey Lemon.

In 'Big Hero 6,' after Hiro loses his brother, the young inventor forms a bond with his robot Baymax. But when his latest creation, micro-bots, falls into the wrong hands, he must transform his lovable pal into a fighting machine and infiltrate the San Fransokyo (yup, that's the proper spelling) underworld with the help of some other "not-so-superheroes."

'Big Hero 6' hits theaters this November 7, and we'll surely hear of the full casting roster well before then. In the meantime, take a look at this new team of superheroes, and let us know what you think so far of Disney's first animated Marvel effort.