Mail order brides in Russia and the Ukraine are being criticized for being one step away from human trafficking.  Western men are going to these areas and meeting women they hope to marry and bring back to the states.  The Western men are wanting women who are demure and non-aggressive.Apparently in these former Soviet Union states women are not as independent and strong willed and outspoken as we Western women. I'm sure these men want these women!!

One guy in the video admits that he "wants an old fashioned girl brought up in a strict family where papa was in charge so she's used to a man being in charge. I prefer to be captain of my ship".  I think most Western women would tell him he could captain his ship alone then.

These men can't seem to find a female match here in the states so they pay a lot of money to head to Russia or the Ukraine where they attend Romance Tour.  The men are outnumbered by about 7 to 1 at these parties and these women are looking for men to start families with. The men are usually quite a few years older than the women (big surprise).

The company that runs the Tour calls it "dating" but others are calling it "human trafficking" and "prostitution".

Every year 25,000 women in Russia join the marriage agencies to find "rich Western" men. These women however, are looking to come to the states and have freedoms they don't have in their countries and down the line, as the video mentions, this can cause problems to arise.

I think I can speak for most Western women when I say "ladies of the Eastern block, you can have these men, no one here wants them and there is a good reason they are not looking at home for a mate." A lot of years have gone into Western women having the rights we have and I don't see many of us giving up that independence for "old fashioned men" like these.