If you're looking for some fun things to do in Abilene that won't break your wallet, here are 5 suggestions for you.

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    Disc Golf

    It doesn't matter if you're any good or not, playing disc golf is a lot of fun, and it's free to do in most cases. All you need are a few discs to play, or some friends who have extras, and you'll soon find out how addictive the sport is. Plus, you'll get a little exercise in the process. Check out that link below as well as a link that teaches you how to play.

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    This is a no brainer as the heat in Abilene during the summer gets flat out brutal. Most pools in town don't cost that much, if anything at all. If you're looking for more info on pools in Abilene, check out the best swimming places in Abilene by following the link below.

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    Go to the Park

    Whether it's feeding the ducks at Nelson Park, or a picnic with the family, Abilene has several parks to have a little fun. Plus, they're free. Check out the links below for more info on parks in Abilene.

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    The Abilene Zoo

    Abilene has an amazing zoo for a town our size. From traditional animals, to exotic animals, you'll find over 1,000 different animals at the Abilene Zoo. Admission is only $6.00 for adults, and $3.50 for children. For more info on the Abilene Zoo, check out their website and Facebook page by clicking the links below.

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    Head Out To The Lake

    There are several lakes in and around Abilene including Lake Fort Phantom, Lake Kirby, Possum Kingdom Lake and Hubbard Creek Reservoir, Lake Abilene, and more. So, whether it's camping, fishing, and swimming, you'll be sure to find a lake in our area that won't cost you a bunch of money. For more on the lakes around Abilene, check out the links below.

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