Loretta Lynn turned to Twitter to celebrate actor Betty White's 99th birthday. She called the iconic Golden Girls star an inspiration.

White turned 99 years old on Sunday (Jan. 17). In an Instagram post, she announced the return of a 50-year-old television series she hosted called Pet Set, in which she talks to celebrities about their dogs. Details on that were thin, but there is some indication as to what she might be doing to celebrate: the Associated Press says hot dogs and fries were on the menu and she would feed some ducks on her property.

Lynn is a full 10 years younger than White, making the senior celebrity a 5th grader by the time one of country music's most iconic female voices was born in Kentucky.

"99 and doing fine — an inspiration to all us young girl! (sic)" she writes. "Thank you Betty. I hope your birthday was fantastic and that this is your best year yet! We adore you."

It's not clear that Lynn and White have ever shared a room or stage together. The country singer has spent most of her life in Kentucky and Tennessee, while White was a Hollywood mainstay for decades. She also has had a successful theater career and embraced the role of America's most beloved nonagenarian.

The "Coal Miner's Daughter" singer is also staying very busy as her age advances. She'll release a new album called Still Woman Enough in March, on the heels of a Grammy-nominated project from 2018. Still, she doesn't have quite the same social following as White, who has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

In 10 years, perhaps Lynn will catch up.

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