LoCash have found a feel-good country song that isn't a party anthem with "One Big Country Song," the new single from their Brothers album.

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust find unity in our shared experiences over a strikingly simple guitar riff. "One Big Country Song" is still a singalong — has there been a LoCash single that isn't? — but the melody and message aren't pushed on their audience with quite as much force as anthems like "Feels Like a Party," "I Know Somebody" and "I Love This Life." In hanging back, listeners are allowed to meet the duo more than halfway, which should play well for them long term.

Jesse Frasure, Hardy and Ashley Gorley teamed up to write "One Big Country Song" — you'd really struggle to find better modern country songwriting pedigree. Driving the song's success is the same thing that's driving the duo's hard-fought success: quality of song. LoCash hang back because they can during this new song.

Did You Know?: Brust is the clumsier of the two members of LoCash. They told us so.

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LoCash's "One Big Country Song" Lyrics:

Yeah, life is like a jukebox, just push play / Not everybody's first verse sounds the same / But we all get born and we all get raised / Whether it's some boondocks or Marina Del Rey / Everybody turns wild when you're 16 / Slow roll, big timin' on Main Street / Everybody's got holes in their blue jeans / If you bought 'em that way or not.

Turn it up and sing along / We all work 'til the daylight's gone / We all knock off the edge around five / Fall in love from a kiss on Friday night / And we've all had a broken heart / We've all closed down a few good bars / Take a look around, y'all, tell me I'm wrong / Ain't the whole wide world just one big country song / Just one big country song.

Yeah, well who won’t try to find some water when it's hot / Whether it's a pontoon, tube or a yacht / Who ain't got a dog that they love like a brother / And who ain't ever tasted better cooking than their mother / Who ain't got a story to tell / And who ain't made it through some hell / Who don't love somebody, don't miss somebody / If you're down, sing it with somebody.

Repeat Chorus

Not everybody knows the words to "Mama Tried" / A city boy, country boy, yeah / We all just trying to survive / So raise 'em high / Turn it up and sing along.

Repeat Chorus

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