"Feels Like a Party," country duo LoCash's lead single from their 2019 album Brothers, may sound like a feel-good and carefree anthem, but it started in a much darker place. In fact, when they walked into writing the track, bandmates Preston Brust and Chris Lucas were in the midst of some serious label drama, and were feeling pretty low.

However, with a little help from their friends and co-writers, the duo was able to see the bigger picture. Read on to learn more about how "Feels Like a Party" came to be, in LoCash's own words.

Preston Brust: When we went into the write that day, that was in the middle of labels. We had left one label, and we knew we were getting ready to sign with Broken Bow. On the way to the studio, we had had a phone call with all the attorneys and managers, all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Chris Lucas: Never fun. Never fun.

Brust: No, not a lot of fun. So we finally get to the write, and we come in, and I guess we looked a little beat down, a little jaded. And [co-writers] Tyler [Hubbard, of Florida Georgia Line] and Corey [Crowder] go, "Hey, guys, if you can just see to the end of the tunnel here, when you get past all this, it's gonna feel like a party. It's gonna all go away, all this behind-the-scenes BS, and it's gonna feel like a party."

And so we were like, ding! We should write that song.

Lucas: Yeah, this was no overthinking anything. This was ear candy, make you wanna sing along, throw everything away for three minutes and just throw your hands up and say, "You know what? It ain't that bad."

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