So I'm driving to work on Buffalo Gap Road this morning, and the SUV in front of me at the traffic light caught my undivided attention when I saw someone toss trash out the window.

As I'm trying to get a glimpse at who is driving, I see the back window rolled halfway down of the white SUV. Another piece of garbage comes flying out the back window.

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Now, as I level off next to the SUV, I notice a child's car seat in the back, a tiny child in the seat peeking out the window, and here comes yet another empty styrofoam cup flying out. As I got about even with the driver's window, the SUV turned right into a fast food drive-through, I'm sure to stock up on more "supplies".

Parents, remember to be aware of what your kids are doing in the back seat. If someone sees trash flying out of your vehicle and snags your license plate number, you can be turned in to the "Don't Mess With Texas" website and a fine could be issued to the litterbug vehicle. Click here to report a violator. FYI, it's better to have photos.

We all know littering is against the law in Texas, and since it's very frowned upon, there are some hefty fines for a violation. Littering offenders will have to cough up $500 for a first offense. A repeat offender may have to pay up to $2,000 and spend up to 180 days in jail.

Let's work together to Keep Texas Beautiful.

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