Lindsay Ell’s major-label debut EP, 2017's Worth the Wait, includes deeply personal tracks, and its title track is no exception. Singer-songwriter Travis Meadows -- a fan of Ell's who connected with her on social media -- penned the song with Ell and calls the writing session “a beautiful experience.” Read on to hear more from Meadows on writing "Worth the Wait."

I don’t remember if my publisher put that together or if Lindsay and I put that together. We had been kind of corresponding on Twitter and social media, and I kind of became a fan, and she was kind of fan of what I was doing.

I had this little songwriting shack in my backyard, and I asked her if it would be okay if we wrote there because it’s quiet. She came over and, I'll tell you, it’s really weird: There’s this "songwriters' code," and — I’ve never experienced it, not even when you go to those special meetings and there’s an alcoholic or an addict or whatever and you share some secrets. But songwriters, it’s the craziest thing: You can meet someone you’ve never hung out with, and there’ll be the pleasantries and the hellos and the “where you from?”s and all that. Then, all of a sudden — I guess it’s just some part of that songwriters’ DNA — you’ll share things with another songwriter that you wouldn’t share with God, those things that you wouldn’t share with your husband or wife.

So, we’re talking, and she started talking, and I helped her process her thoughts. These days, it’s much more gratifying to me ... I just always play this game: I’m just telling my brain that I’m working on record — whether I am or not — because I have a tendency to not chase anything for radio if I’m not. The only time that I will come out of that mode is if I’m working on somebody’s else record. So, Lindsay came over, and I said, “Okay, we’re not working on a Travis song today, we’re going to write a Lindsay song.” My job that day was to get inside her head and help her process what she was trying to say that day and make it rhyme.

It was a beautiful experience. I love that song as well. I think she’s a very gifted guitar player and writer and vocalist. I think she has a lot of shiny roads in her future.

I was so enamored by her guitar playing that I couldn’t hardly get past anything but that. I’m sitting there staring, going, “I’ve been playing guitar for 30-something years, and I was too lazy to practice.” I’m really just a good enough guitar player to write songs on them; I’m mediocre at best. I’m sitting there, just staring at her, going, “God, I should have practiced.” She’s just great.

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