There's no doubt that the past few years have seen their fair share of ups and downs for Lauren Alaina. Her stepfather, Sam Ramker, passed away from cancer; and in January 2019 Alaina and former fiancé, Alex Hopkins, broke off their engagement. However, the "Road Less Traveled" singer is embracing life in all of its wonder—including the exercise of learning to be single.

"I’m happy being a single adult," Alaina told the Chicago Sun Times. "I go on dates but I’m really bad at it."

That was not always the case for Alaina, as the singer also revealed that there was a time when she pictured herself pairing up, saying, "I mean, there was a time when I wanted to get married and have kids and find a job that gave me good health insurance. There was a time when I couldn’t even imagine not getting married."

In the same interview Alaina also opened up about her love life and the role that being a public figure has on it. "I have had some major upsets in the love department, and that is very difficult to do publicly," she noted. "To go through that and have millions of people talking about it — it wasn’t easy."

As for why her relationship ended with Hopkins, Alaina ensures that there is no big scandal behind their split. Rather, the the couple realized that they might not be each other's "forever," as she explains: "Alex and I were together for seven years and then we got engaged and then we were supposed to get married and then we realized that we might not be best for one another."

However, Alaina seems to have left the past behind her. Her latest single "Getting Good," which was released in September of 2019, centers around the importance of living in the moment.

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