I'm sure you all know what a college basketball fan I am, especially for the Duke Blue Devils.  I really can't say I get into the women tournament much but my Lady Aggies advanced to the Championship finals as of tonight.

The women seem to get over looked and overshadowed by the men's tournament but the ladies are just as committed to winning as anyone.  That was evident tonight with the Lady Aggies beating the number one seed Lady Stanford Cardinals.  It was a fight to the finish with the Aggies beating the Cardinals by one point; it ended with a 63-62 score!!

I remember attending games at G.Rollie White or Gollie Rollie arena but now it's the new Reed Arena that was a few years ago but the games were fun. I know they won't be playing at home but  I would love to be there to see these ladies win it all and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Great job so far and Gig'em Ags!!!!