As Kip Moore is out on the road with Justin Moore on Eric Church’s ‘Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour’, he’s making it evident that he loves to have a good time. Moore’s new video for his single ‘Beer Money’ shows off that part of his personality.

The video opens with Kip working in a shop. The boss walks in and gives Kip a speech about how he expects him to work harder (the nerve!) and attributes his laziness to wanting to go out and party with his friends. Then he gives Moore a paycheck.

Moore takes his paycheck with one thing in mind. Okay, maybe two, because a lovely girl waits down the street after clocking out at the local greasy spoon. Kip picks her up in his truck and the two are off to spend their newly earned beer money. The couple head to a remote country barn where the party has already started, and unloads a guitar.

Meanwhile, Kip's band takes a slightly different route to the party, as they decide to steal a keg of beer  out of the back of a delivery truck. The angry beer truck driver is in hot pursuit to retrieve the stolen goods, and despite a couple of near misses, the keg arrives safely at the party.

Sounds scary, right? We’re all conjuring up thoughts of the beer truck driver coming in and shooting up the joint in a fit of rage, or maybe bringing the cops along to break up the barn party. But Kip Moore and his band are so good, and the party is so fun, by the end of the video the truck driver finds a way to forgive and forget, and the song ends with him raising his half empty glass of beer to Kip on stage. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

Check out the video here. What do you think of it? What do you think of the song?