Meet "Nabi" (it's pronounced naw-bee) a lovable, cuddly, and friendly "KEAN Critter of the Week" that needs to be adopted right away. "kittens are so much harder to adopt," says Staci Schults the Abilene Aminal Shelters Adoption Coordinator. She went on to say that this guy needs no training he is litter box trained already.

Besides, this little guy knows where he wants to spend his time at. On your shoulder, and kittens like these are known as "parrot kittens" because they will ride on your shoulder if you'll let them. Nabi is a three-month-old kitten that was thrown out of a passing car window on the highway in a brown paper sack.

Some Boy Scouts that were picking up trash by the highway said the 'bag moved when they reached down to pick it up.' The boys proceeded with caution because they noticed the baby kitten had been injured. They took the kitten to the Abilene Animal Shelter where it was treated for a broken jaw.

As you can see Nabi is feeling much better now and has healed up nicely. He is a very lovable, friendly kitten that needs a place to call home ASAP. Nabi is a gray tabby that has already been fixed and is a completely 100% litterbox trained indoor kitten.

We played with Nabi and he was very gentle and purring the entire time. I just wonder what kind of person throws a poor helpless little kitten out of a moving car window off of the freeway? He's very attentive and alert when he was in the KEAN 105 studio. Nabi is this week's special "KEAN Critter of the Week" aka the Pet of the Week.

Every week we will bring you a special fur baby that has a special story and/or is needing adopting right away. If there is any way that you can adopt one of these special fur babies, please do so and I will cheer you from the sidelines.

Staci says "Nabi comes with the following: flea and tick dipped, microchipped, heart wormed, food samples and a has been fixed. If you're interested in adopting or fostering please contact Staci at our Abilene Animal Shelter 925 South 25th Street or by calling 325-698-0085.

If you have a pet and you need help getting one fixed please reach out to our Abilene Animal Services Shelter members, they can and will help you get it done. Furthermore, the shelter is in dire need of wet kitten food right now. Drop off donations from 11 AM till 6 PM Mon-Sat at 925 South 25th.

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