Kathy Mattea started out as a country and bluegrass performer. Much of her music lends itself to a folk, Celtic and traditional country sound. She began her career 1983 and has seventeen albums and over 30 songs on the Billboard Hot Country charts. Kathy Mattea fans, no need to search the web to find all of Kathy's 'official music videos’.

We’ve got them all right here.

"Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses"

"455 Rocket"

"The Battle Hymn Of Love"

"Asking Us To Dance"

"Come From The Heart"


"Hello My Name Is Coal"

"Nobody's Gonna Rain On Our Parade"

"The Maple's Lament"

"Agate Hill"

"Time Passes By"

"Clown In Your Rodeo"

"Heart Of The Country" (Live)

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