Sometime in the mid-1980s, the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development released a TV advertisement, titled "All Roads Lead to Nashville," featuring the sights of Nashville. While the organization didn't know it at the time, they created a nostalgic time capsule for residents and lovers of Music City.

The "All Roads Lead to Nashville" ad, which readers can watch above, is chock full of Music City gems, from landmarks and country stars to the pitch-perfect jingle sung by Nashville local Kathy Mattea. It doesn't take an eagle-eyed fan to spot Conway Twitty performing at the Grand Ole Opry and Barbara Mandrell in front of the mic, but there are plenty of "Easter eggs" tucked away for those who take a closer look.

Tourists and Nashville natives alike will appreciate the familiar -- and, in some cases, now-gone -- sights in the "All Roads Lead to Nashville" ad: The lights of Printer's Alley, the Opryland Hotel, the Parthenon and many more are all included in the video. Watching the video, it's hard to miss how much Music City has changed over the years.

Though the exact date of the "All Roads Lead to Nashville" ad's release is unknown, the Nashville Scene puts it sometime after 1985. In the more than 30 years since, Nashville's skyline has seen some big changes, most notably the AT&T "Batman" building and the "R2-D2" building a couple blocks away.

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