Abilenian Larry Fields shattered the world record at the International karate competition July 1st and 2nd in Orlando Florida. While competing in the International Sport Karate competition, the owner of Abilene Mixed Martial Arts, Larry Fields, proved why you should not mess with Abilene. Fields scored the highest points ensuring him the companionship and the over all lead in the World Karate games that weekend

YouTube Larry Fields Breaking Concrete

Larry Fields has been seen world wide demonstrating his strength and agility on television shows like the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night and a host of other cable shows. In order to win, Fields had to achieve “Ultimate Breaker” and to attain this goal, had to earn the highest points in multiple breaking events. Fields scored a cumulative  73 points, with the next closest contender having only 50 points.


Fields received: Heavy Weight Power Concrete – World Title 1st place, Creative Open Breaking (Forms plus breaking demo) 2nd place, Three-Directional Power Wood  3rd place and Speed Hand Wood 3rd place.

During the Heavy Weight Power Concrete, and Fields also set the world record for the most bats broken in 10 seconds by breaking 13 bats using only his elbow. Fifteen students from Abilene MMA traveled to Florida to compete. Team Abilene walked away victorious with twenty-five world titles.

YouTube Swords and Fire Stunt Larry Fields

Catch Fields and Team Abilene in action, tune in to ESPN 2 on Friday, July 22 at 10:30 p.m.when the ISKA World Championship is scheduled to air. In the mean time enjoy this video of Mr. Fields feats.