Julianne Hough made a guest appearance on ‘American Idol‘ last night, but the only kicker was that she had no intentions of doing so. After charmer Phillip Phillips sang, Seacrest joined him onstage and shared a little story with viewers, describing how his girlfriend — Hough –had seen Phillips backstage and commented on his looks.

“I think she sighed and blushed and said, ‘Yummy,’” the host explained to Phillips, as the cameras panned to Hough backstage motioning for Seacrest to stop. Then she got even more embarrassed when she realized her little backstage antics were on camera for all to see. ”We’ll be having this conversation after the show, darling,” Seacrest joked with her.

According to TMZ, it was a miracle that the ‘Idol’ host was even onstage last night, much less joking around and looking normal. The news outlet reported that Seacrest was so sick he had an IV in his arm before showtime. Though they also mentioned that the crew had “puke buckets” standing by in case of an emergency — wouldn’t that be reminiscent of the first few episodes of the show? Seacrest made it through just fine, thankfully, even if Hough nearly died of embarrassment.

And while Phillips can be quite the girl-magnet, the laid-back rocker assured Seacrest that he has nothing to worry about, saying, ”I’m not trying to steal your girl, Ryan.”

Watch Ryan Seacrest Call Out Girlfriend Julianne Hough on ‘American Idol’