As Veteran's Day approaches, I am ever so cognizant of the fact that Freedom is not free and that our young soldiers pay a high price for the liberties we enjoy. Josh Gracin also knows the price of freedom. As a Marine and an artist, Josh presents us with a unique opportunity to recognize those who serve, those who have served, as well as all of their families. Josh wrote a song that reflects a young war widow’s story and her commitment to keeping her husband’s memory alive. The song is called "Can't Say Goodbye." I'm warning you it will bring tears to your eyes.

Josh Gracin's "Can't Say Goodbye" song will help our veterans, because all the proceeds from the song will benefit the Sears Heroes At Home program which helps military veterans and their families. On Veteran's Day, please tell every service man and woman you see, thank you for serving. Tuesday November 11th 2014 is Veterans Day and a parade is planned for our local Veterans past and present and additional memorial ceremonies will take place through out west Texas. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Josh Gracin - Can't Say Goodbye [Music Video]