Johnny Cooper is coming to the Lucky Mule Saloon this Friday night, and you want to be sure to catch this guy. He puts on a fantastic show. After all, Cooper is already closing in on a decade of performing for a steadily growing fan base. Johnny hasn't even reached age 25, and he is already making plans to go back to the studio and record his 7th album.

Johnny also finds time to play about 200 shows a year, so we're glad he found some time to talk with me about his music, going into the studio, playing live, and much more in an exclusive interview.

We started by talking about why he plays so many dates in Texas, and he told me "We get most of our love right here in Texas, and so that's kind of our home base and where it seems like our music has been working the best and so we just keep rolling through Texas and when we get the opportunity to go out of state, we go and do them". Johnny also gave us some insight on the plan for getting back into the studio in 2013. Take a listen:

Johnny Cooper Interview - Segment 1

In this second segment, when asked how he describes his music, Johnny says "Man, it's really hard to do mainly just because I like the process of just writing music and see what I can get away's really hard to put exactly a pinpoint on what kind of genre we are...if you had to say something we're somewhere between...rock-pop-soul-country. I don't gotta mix them all together." Cooper also described how he decides what songs to perform live from night to night, and how he keeps his show fresh for himself as well as his audience:

Johnny Cooper Interview - Segment 2

As we wrapped up our conversation, Johnny talked about long term goals, mainly pointing out that goal-wise he says, "You know, I just want to keep making music, and as long as I can still have the opportunity to make a living at it, be able to take care of my family...really, honestly that's as good as it gets. If you ever get a chance to become so-called 'famous' or whatever all that jazz is, then that's just kind of icing on the cake but...if the music's not there and what you really want to do, then those things are never achievable anyway." He also explains his whole entertainment philosophy, telling me that he wants to give something for all demographics, stating "I want to be able to entertain a 4 year old just as much as I want to be able to entertain a 78 year old.":

Johnny Cooper Interview - Segment 3

Is it possible to be a grizzled veteran in your mid twenties? I think it's safe to say Johnny Cooper handled my questions like a pro, much like he plays music. Thanks for your time, Johnny!