In 2018, legendary singer-songwriter John Prine and his wife Fiona Whalen purchased a 7,200-square-foot "NeoClassical Farm House" in Nashville, which the artist said at the time would be “a place with space for more antique cars.” Readers can flip through the photo gallery below to see the folk artist's spacious home.

Along with a pool, hot tub and four-car garage, the opulent $2.6 million home boasts five bedrooms and a massive walk in closet off of the master bedroom; in fact, the master bedroom suite might as well be a mini-mansion of its own, as it also has its own bathroom and porch.

Additionally, the estate features more than two acres of land and eight bathrooms, but Prine said when he and his wife purchased it that he was primarily happy to find a spot for the 1962 Chrysler Imperial that he'd been eyeing.

The Prines previously lived near Kellie Pickler, whose house was a stop on Nashville's Home of the Stars tour. This house offered them more privacy in addition to room for more classic automobiles.

The year 2018 was a busy one for Prine, who released a new album, The Tree of Forgiveness, his first project in 13 years, that April. The record was the most commercially successful of Prine's career, and earned him critical acclaim, Grammy Awards nominations and wins at the Americana Honors & Awards.

Prine died on Tuesday (April 7), at the age of 73, after contracting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in late March. He leaves behind his wife, Fiona, to whom he had been married for 24 years, as well as three sons, a daughter-in-law and grandchildren, along with a legion of adoring fans.

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