Singer-songwriter John Moreland and his band had their gear trailer broken into on Wednesday (Feb. 7), on their way to Key West, Fla., for the Mile 0 Festival. None of the band's instruments went missing, but the thieves absconded with expensive sound equipment and other personal items while the band was staying in Orlando.

On Facebook, Moreland posted a list of the missing items, which include a ’66 Fender Tremolux Blackface amplifier, a ’65–’66 Fender Showman Blackface amplifier, a Walrus Audio Fathom reverb pedal, Keeley Memphis Sun reverb pedal, two customized motorcycle jackets and much more. The full list reads:

  • ’66 Fender Tremolux Blackface
  • ’65 – ’66 Fender Showman Blackface
  • Walrus Audio Fathom
  • Keeley Memphis Sun
  • Old Blood Noise Fault
  • Xotic FX EP Booster (2)
  • Old Blood Noise A/B Switcher
  • Strymon el Capistran
  • PS-5 BOSS Super Shifter
  • Walrus Deep Six Compressor
  • Walrus Aetos Power Supply
  • CAD Case Custom Pedal Board
  • EHX Soul Food
  • Fishman Aura Spectrum
  • Two motorcycle jackets

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Moreland and his band offset the costs of the loss, which have been calculated at close to $10,000. Those who may have information about the stolen items are asked to email

And while having your gear stolen is a tough way to start a road trip, Moreland let the world know that the incident wasn't getting him down in a (slightly colorful) Instagram post.

"A little gear theft ain’t gonna ruin my goddamn day," Moreland writes on Instagram, also sharing a photo of himself flipping off the camera. "See you soon, Key West."

Moreland and his band are scheduled to kick off a six-date tour in Florida on Feb. 10 at the Mile 0 Festival.

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