We're back with another edition of The Boot's Weekly Picks, which highlights great new tracks from the world of country, Americana, folk and everything in between.

The Boot's Weekly Picks will be going on a short spring hiatus, but will return on its normal schedule beginning May 11. Now, keep reading to see this week's selection of great new music selected by our contributing team.

  • Jobi Riccio ft. Erin Rae

    "Green Flash"

    24-year-old Jobi Riccio teams up with Erin Rae for the stunning new track "Green Flash," which taps into the uncertainty and anxieties of not knowing what life's next chapter has in store. Newly signed to Yep Roc Records, Riccio offers captivating vocals and cutting lyricism that sticks with you for the long haul. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Tanner Adell

    "I Hate Texas"

    Rising country artist Tanner Adell calls out a love that's done her wrong in the piercing new track "I Hate Texas." The track teases more of what's to come for the singer-songwriter, who was recently confirmed as an official CMA Fest 2023 performer. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Griffen Palmer


    If you grew up in a broken family, Griffen Palmer's "Unlearn" will emotionally hit you like a ton of bricks. Powerfully encapsulating "three chords and the truth," the midtempo tune spotlights Palmer's struggle to reconcile his painful past with a beautiful reality. Because he grew up in a broken home with divorced parents, the singer now finds it hard to believe that perfect love exists — even if it's right in front of him.

    "We aren't fighting enough / We aren't drinking too much / We aren't screaming and shouting and slamming the doors / Something must be wrong with us," Palmer ruminates in the opening verse. Thankfully, he doesn't stay stuck in melancholy for long as he realizes what he's got to "unlearn."

    "'Cause my life with you's, one I never knew / My best example was far from the truth / And with every kiss that touches my lips / I'm closer to knowing what love really is / Memories take a while to reverse / You got me believing these songs that I've heard / I didn't know it, but baby you showed me / That I've got a lot to unlearn," he declares with joy in the soaring chorus. "Unlearn" is the title track of Palmer's forthcoming debut album, dropping on April 28. -- Jeremy Chua

  • Esther Rose


    Ahead of her upcoming album Safe to Run, due out on April 21, Esther Rose lets her feelings flow on the track "Spider." The cleverly-written cut finds Rose freeing herself from a relationship that once seemed true, but proved itself to be something sinister. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Tommy Emmanuel ft. Little Feat + Sam Bush

    "Cajun Girl"

    Award-winning musician Tommy Emmanuel pairs up with fellow record-breaking acts Little Feat and Sam Bush for the second single from Emmanuel's upcoming LP of unique collaborations. The group put a new spin on Little Feat's 1988 classic "Cajun Girl," introducing the band's influential music to a whole new generation of fans. -- Lorie Liebig

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