This past weekend, footage of the Rice University football team went viral, but not because of the game, who are 4-3 this season, but because of the super important "Gummy Worm Guy"!

Alexander Grey via Unsplash
Alexander Grey via Unsplash

That's right, Rice University's football team has their own designated gummy worm guy, and it has to be the coolest, and possibly the most important job ever!

The mustachioed gentleman came prepared with what has to be the biggest bag of gummy worms; but not just any gummy worms, those are sour gummy worms! He also is gloved up which kind of makes it look like he's a professional and that this isn't his first time as gummy worm handler!

But it also looks like gummy worms aren't the only thing he was in charge of; according to the original owner of the video, Aaron Smith, at half time he switched it up- to jelly beans!

What a power move, indeed! Everything about this is awesome; his mustache, his glasses and that sweet ponytail- he looks like you definitely want to be friends with him- and he'll come prepared with gummy worms!

Apparently the Rice Owls aren't the first football team to hand out gummy worms to players; this past summer Oral Roberts' baseball coach was seen handing out gummy worms as a reward to players who reached base- actually, they say these were Twin Snakes from Haribo!

So why gummy worms? Who knows! One person suggested that the gummy worms have some some electrolytes:

Electrolyte gummy worms with Himalayan pink salt.

Whatever the reasoning is, I hope Gummy Worm Guy never goes anywhere!

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