When was the last time you traveled the Texas countryside by an Amtrak passenger rail? When you live in a more remote area like KilleenTemple, or Waco and find yourself traveling to one of the inner triangle cities, you get a real taste of what over the road travel can be like in the Lone Star State.

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As tech has improved in almost every imaginable way, the only thing that has truly not been able to keep up is an evolution in train travel.

The availability and reasonable expense of owning an automobile was a defining factor in the transportation history of the United States over the last 100 years.

Now, as costs are increasing and roadways are jamming, people are wanting a better way to travel among the major cities in Texas.

This Is Why People Now Want Bullet Trains In Texas

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Bullet trains are way more efficient than the existing Amtrak lines because they travel at Nascar speeds except without all the left turns. With the exception of traveling from San Antonio to Dallas, high speed rail would be a much more efficient way to get among the major cities.

The senior VP of highspeed rail at Amtrak, Andy Byford points out,

“You cannot do that if you fly, if you factor in going to the airport, going through security, getting back in from the airport at the other end.”

As the population of Texas continues to swell, the roads and airports simply can't keep up. Read more in this CNBC article.

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