When the Texas heat isn't bearing down on the state, the option to go outside and take in the natural beauty of it could be too much to pass up. Yes, Texas has many different types of scenery in it. But where do we begin to look at Texas nature?

Should we look at the animals that also inhabit the state? What about the lakes or rivers in the Lone Star State? Maybe take it simple and just stop and smell the flowers?

Well sadly, we won't be looking at the fun side, rather we'll be talking about something that could potentially harm Texans. One simple mushroom in the state, if eaten, could result in deadly consequences.

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One Mushroom That Could Kill You In Texas

Yes, in addition to animals that could harm you in the state, vegetation also has the chance hurt you. So what is this harming plant life called? Well, it does have a name that could strike fear into you.

It is named Amanita Phalloides, better known as the Death Cap mushroom. According to Only In Your State, if an adult were to consume half the mushroom, it would cause death. Cooking the mushroom will not lessen the effects of the poison inside it either.

The trouble comes in identifying the Death Cap. Only In Your State reveals the shroom likes like others, making it tough to discern. Their advice is avoid picking wild mushrooms altogether, and also to keep an eye on dogs too, as they may try to eat the mushroom while sniffing around.

As Death Caps are more prominent during the spring until autumn, it will be best if you don't pick mushrooms during those times. Stay safe Texans!

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