Seeing a movie in Texas is always an experience isn't it?

There's something for everyone when it comes to films in the Lone Star state. Whether you like superheroes or horror, to thrillers or documentaries, many choices exist for Texans to watch. But where do you watch your film of choice?

Options exist for that as well. You could watch it from home, perhaps a drive-in theater? Or you could always go to the old reliable, a regular movie theater. They have different screening options for films as well.

But...if you're going to an actual theater, you might need to know how to act. After all, you'll be in public. For one audience, they found out the hard way on how to act.

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Dallas, Texas Movie Audience Gets Lesson In Manners

As shown on Tik Tok, an actual movie had to be paused due to well...observers of the film not showing respect for the screen that the film was being shown on:

While the incident in question isn't shown, the person addressing the audience says the reason for the stoppage is because someone decided to throw an unknown item at the screen itself. Which, first off, why would you do that? Second, there's no need to do that!

The female talking to the crowd also states that if another person is caught throwing something at the screen, they would be banned from the movie theater in question. Even more shocking is that the screen shown is $65,000! And on top of that, the display has already been replaced once!

So let this be a lesson to all moviegoers: enjoy films in Texas, and don't damage the theater you're watching it in!

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