Ever wonder which team is the most popular in the National Football League? For decades, the title of "America's Team" has belonged to the Dallas Cowboys; however, a new analysis of ticket sales reveals a shocking surprise.

What is the Most Popular NFL Team in America?

Online ticket retailer Vividseats took a look at which teams sell the most tickets across the United States, and one team reigns supreme: The Kansas City Chiefs.

The reigning Super Bowl Champions clocked in as the most popular team in 292 counties across the United States.


Where Are Kansas City Chiefs Fans Located?

Vividseats notes the Chiefs are beloved in Missouri and Kansas as well as Nebraska and Southern Illinois, displaying their findings in an interactive map that shows each American county's favorite team.

The Chiefs are the #1 team in Grant County, Oregon as well as Dawson County in Montana and Utah's Wayne County.

What About the Dallas Cowboys?

The Cowboys are still the most popular team in the state of Texas, and they're the second-most popular NFL team in America. Vividseats notes 287 counties claim the Cowboys as their favorite team.

Where Are NFL Fans Located Across America?

Using Vividseats' interactive county map shows each NFL team is beloved by its home city and state; however, there are some interesting finds. Take a look at these counties and their #1 teams:

  • Pacific County, Washington: Arizona Cardinals
  • Wells County, North Dakota: Tennessee Titans
  • Hemphill County, Texas: Los Angeles Chargers
  • Washington County, Maine: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Bibb County, Alabama: New York Jets

View Vividseat's interactive map of NFL fanbases by county HERE.

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