As someone who blurts out encouragement (and possibly some obscenities) while watching sports, I think it is perfectly OK to lose yourself in the game.

But maybe it isn't the best thing to do it when watching with someone who isn't into either team as much as you are.

Try This The Next Time You Watch Football

Makenzie Waters is getting praise for her response to her husband yelling at the TV while his beloved Dallas Cowboys battled the Detroit Lions.

"Let's go, yes," her husband is seen exclaiming in a recent TikTok video. The die-hard Cowboys fan jumps from his chair and loudly claps as he walks around the room.

Makenzie is no stranger to this scene. In fact, she is able to predict her husband's every move during the game.

As the camera pans, we see Makenzie darkening the square on a bingo card. Each square hilariously represents something her husband says or does during football games.

Squares include "quiet clap," "hands out confused" and "'whyyyy.'"

'So Much Time Watching Him Enjoy Football'

Commenters on the post shouted the TikToker out for her creativity. Others noted Makenzie's appreciation for her husband.

"This is actually really cute," TikTok user MattInTheMiddle commented. "You've spent so much time watching him enjoy football that you picked up on all his moves."

The video currently has nearly 25 million views and has even been shared by ESPN.

The Cowboys ended up beating the Lions 20-19.

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