Jimmie Allen's lawyers want to quit, but the attorney representing the first woman who accused him of sexual assault says they shouldn't be allowed to.

Additionally, a timeline for both civil suits against the singer is now clear, even as he's being accused of stalling.

  • In May, a former member of Allen's management team (now referred to as Jane Doe) accused him of sexual assault and rape.
  • One month later, a second woman (Jane Doe 2) said he sexually assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel and filmed it all on his cell phone.
  • Chicago attorney Elizabeth Fegan represents both plaintiffs.
  • Allen has countersued both women and denied the allegations, but admitted to having a consensual extramarital affair with Jane Doe.

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The Tennessean uncovered documents filed in late December that show that Allen's lawyers say he has "not complied with the terms of their engagement." Fegan is contesting their request for departure as it pertains to the case brought by Jane Doe (a judge approved their withdrawal in the case brought by Jane Doe 2).

At issue is electronic information the court ordered Allen produce by Dec. 29. His attorneys say they used a vendor to collect that information, and that vendor will hold it until new lawyers are named. Fegan's filing indicates a longterm pattern of delaying and says the singer has "failed to produce the most basic information sought in discovery."

Responding to the Tennessean, Allen's PR manager notes that he wanted to bring in fresh counsel to begin the year, but Fegan says that the current team of attorneys are his third since late 2022, accusing him of switching lawyers to "forestall Plaintiff's right to gather discovery to pursue her claims."

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A judge is set to rule on whether Allen's current lawyers can leave the case.

Either way, it will be some time before a judge decides the lawsuit. The first lawsuit against Allen isn't set to go to trial until November 2024, while the second one is set for March 2025.

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