Ok, I've seen some crazy things get sold on Craigslist before, and it seems crazier stuff is sold on their in Texas than most places. However, I never thought I'd see the day where we actually have someone selling something illegally so openly.

According to a user on Reddit, and this apparently made the news, but someone here in Texas was selling cocaine on the platform, and they weren't exactly trying to hide it.

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First off, selling ANYTHING illegal on an open platform like that is just a terrible move. People forget how easy it is to trace an IP address back to someone and boom, you're busted just like that.

Not to mention that you're just inviting a police officer to agree to purchase it, show up on your door, and instead of handing you money, you'll be handing them money for bail, then all the associated court fees and fines you're about to get hit with.

Now, there is one theory here that apparently does hold some weight, and it's because it's happened many times before. People believe that it was actually the police that had made the post selling cocaine in an attempt to bust people for attempting to purchase it.

You know, I could see this happening. A bunch of people either not being even remotely smart enough to realize that someone isn't actually going to sell drugs out in the open like that, or someone who is just so hungry for a fix that they don't even care about the warning signs and they'll take their chances.

Either way, I understand police looking for ways to curb the drugs in the city, but is this really the best we can do? I understand sting operations, and I'm not against people being arrested for doing illegal things. I just worry about kids who don't know what their doing seeing these types of posts and just getting curious.

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