Birds of a feather flock together but what happens when one bird gets lost and ends up inside your Texas home? Well recently at the Lubbock Townsquare Media Studios a pigeon invaded the office of one of our sales people and luckily I was able to catch the little flying rat, I mean cutie. But what should you do if a bird flies into your home?


First thing you should do if a bird flies indoors is to not panic. That means no screaming or yelling your head off like a disgruntled pelican but instead breath and assess the situation. If you're indoors and that bird is inside make sure you locate all the exit points and open them all as much as they will let you. That means windows, doors, sunroofs, or just take the whole building apart so the bird has the opportunity to fly out on its own.


So if that bird still has not left the indoors there is a chance it could be injured or may just be confused. In that case if the bird is injured it is advised to try to isolate the bird to a small space or area so that you may try to catch it. If it is injured drape a towel or some kind of cloth over the bird when you can so that you can not cause any more stress to the animal. If the bird is not injured then feel free to release it but if it is injured do not throw it out the window or just outside. Contact your local wildlife rescue to assist in any way if you are too frightened or are not able to capture the bird and if it is injured.

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