As the saying goes, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. 

I’ll be the first to admit to not always making the best decisions. Yes, I’ve made many boneheaded moves over the years. 

The thing about making poor choices is that you need to learn from your mistakes, so you don’t repeat them. And it’s even better when you learn from other people’s mistakes.

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So hopefully, you’ll keep this video in mind the next time you make a trip to the fireworks stand. 

You see, there’s a reason why the authorities don’t want folks popping fireworks inside of city limits. In fact, here in Wichita Falls citizens can be fined for merely being in possession of fireworks inside of city limits. 

I’ll admit that our city’s fireworks ordinance is a bit extreme, but it is what it is. I’m not a fan of handcuffs, jail cells, and fines, so I’ll go along with it. 

Now, I’m not sure exactly where this incident happened. All I know is the video is captioned with “If you gonna play in Texas” since the old Alabama song is the soundtrack to the evening’s fireworks display, so they may not even be in Texas, but I'll go ahead and run with it. 

Regardless, the clip serves as a reminder to take your fireworks out to the sticks to set them off. Otherwise, you just might find yourself screaming in terror while running for cover like the lady who is losing her mind as the chaos unfolds.

If you gonna play in Texas
byu/Survivor_Of_Helgen inAbruptChaos

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