One of the most, if not the most, famous landmarks in Texas is the Alamo. It's a huge part of the Lone Star State's identity. It has been featured in major Hollywood movies, was rumored to have had a basement where a person could hide a bike, and even had an infamous run-in with Ozzy. It makes sense, then, that the Alamo should be something that lives up to the image that has been painted of it in the public. The cost of that face-lift is eye-watering and comes with a steep price.

The Quest To Restore The Alamo's Reverence And Dignity

In 2023, a major victory for the restoration of the Alamo was won. Over $400 million in funding was secured. If that sounds like a lot, you should see what's being planned for it. Not only is there a plan for restoration at the Alamo, but there are plans to build a "world-class" visitor center and museum. Supposedly, the Alamo has lost some of its allure over the years. This project aims to fix that.

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They will be upping security measures, and restoring the church and long barrack. Certain parts of the city that surround the current site will see some changes. For instance, vehicular traffic will be closed in certain areas so that people visiting the Alamo can freely walk and see that it is more than just the church.

They're even moving the protestors, street preachers, and political gatherings that happen in the area to somewhere else. All of this is to protect the reverence of those who fought and died at the Alamo.

It's Hard To Get A Face-Lift Without A Little Drama

While this all seems well and good, some haven't been nearly as excited. For instance, small business owners nearby who are having to supposedly give up their property to make way for a resurgence of the Alamo's glory. One supposed instance of this was a guy who had to give up his bar. After battling for his property, he eventually settled on a payout and recognition for any artifacts that may be found where his bar once was.

It's interesting to me that something so revered by so many ever became what many feel it to be. It was something interesting to read about and visit once, but other than that it wasn't much. I suppose this is a case where one could say better late than never. Hopefully, the plans are successful and the Alamo will become a place people can't wait to visit and learn.

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