I'm an avid guitar player. There's nothing that clears my mind and fixes a bad better than sitting down with my six-string and letting it all go. This month brings with it one of my favorite annual events.

Heads up Texas guitar pickers. This is a big month for you.

Worldwide Play Music On The Porch Day Is August 26

This is one of my favorite worldwide events in existence. It's not just because I happen to enjoy playing guitar.

The Worldwide Play Music On The Porch Day is a chance for those who love music, all over the world, to come together on one day and share their talents with the world. On that day, social media outlets will be flooded with videos and photos of people playing and enjoying music.

It Truly Is Worldwide

Last year, I sat and watched videos from literally all over the world. The best part of it all was the variety of music and talent. There wasn't just one genre. It wasn't just the acoustic guitar.

Videos from all over the world featured all kinds of traditional instruments. Playing music on the porch isn't just limited to guitars.

A Family Tradition Shared With The World

My family used to have a tradition on the holidays. Those of us that couldn't play music, stood around on the porch and told jokes. Those of us that couldn't tell jokes played the music.

It was on a porch, with a guitar in my hand, that my grandfather taught me several lessons on guitar that would shape the way I play and the music I gravitate toward. I suspect that I'm not alone with that kind of family tradition.

This August 26, we have a chance to engage in that time honored tradition with the whole world.

For more information, You can follow this link to the official website.

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