The potholes in Amarillo, Texas are legendary. There are some places in town that most of us will simply avoid because the potholes are so bad. We all complain about the same potholes on some of our city's most heavily traveled streets. As much as we hate the potholes, they can't hold a candle to what looks like a sinkhole.

Is There A Sinkhole In Amarillo, Texas?

I have a personal phobia of sinkholes. While they may not always be as dramatic as the world opening up to swallow me whole, it's where my mind goes. In the picture below, it looks like there might be a small sinkhole in Amarillo, Texas.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

You can see where the ground dips a little bit around the hole, and those cracks aren't helping at all. Even though it looks small, it still looks like a sinkhole, and it makes me a little nervous.

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This mysterious hole was found at SW 15th and Pierce.

How Big Is The Amarillo Sinkhole?

At a glance, it doesn't seem all that intimidating. It's a baby "sinkhole"...I guess. One has to wonder how long it has been there, and if it can get bigger. It's the getting bigger part that has me feeling a little anxious.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

I'm not sure if this is a sinkhole, a really ambitious pothole, or just your average run-of-the-mill hole. No matter which one, I don't want to drive over it. It doesn't look like that would end in a good time.

What Is Inside This Amarillo "Sinkhole"?

It's hard to see what's inside of the hole. Could it be one of the mythical tunnels under Amarillo? Could it be that we have finally discovered one of the fabled 7 Gates of Hell rumored to exist in Yellow City? Maybe it's the entrance to an underground world filled with lush jungles, dinosaurs, and a long-lost technologically advanced society.

A guy can dream, right?

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