I can think of quite a few places in Lubbock that have been abandoned for decades. Year after year, they just get more overgrown and dilapidated. Nobody seems to care for them. The only thing that ever really changes is the graffiti.

So, is it legal to claim abandoned land in Texas?

Photo by ashutosh nandeshwar on Unsplash
Photo by ashutosh nandeshwar on Unsplash

Let's see what the law has to say about it...

It's not impossible, but it will require a lot of paperwork to make it legal. So, yes, in Texas, you can actually claim an abandoned property. You just have to do it the right way. You'll definitely need a lawyer and some cash flow to make it happen.

Obtaining proof that the property is truly abandoned is the first step in being able to succeed in claiming it as your own. If the record owner of a property is still paying taxes on it, you won't be able to claim it.

If you start paying taxes for the property, you'll better your chance of being able to take it over, but there isn't a guarantee. You could spend a bunch of money on property taxes and then still lose your adverse possession claim in court and not be able to legitimately take over it.

Also, if you start making improvements to the abandoned land, you will actually shorten the length of time that the original owner has to dispute your claims of ownership. They'll only have 5 years to file a lawsuit against you. The chances someone would do that could be pretty slim, especially if they've neglected the land in the first place. Court fees are nothing to bat an eye at.

If you're interested in learning more about it, click here for some detailed steps on how to get the process started.

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