I have lived in Texas and East Texas my entire life. I have watched the area grow and grow and grow some more throughout my 46 years on this Earth. Even in that growth, not a lot surprises me when it comes to the people of East Texas. One thing that does always surprise me is the weather. Yes, I am baffled by the weather we have every year in Texas. One summer we're in an oven, the next, we're not. Winter will be a freezing mess one year, it lasts about a week and a half the next year. A Texas woman has gone viral on TikTok with her perfect description of the weird weather we have in Texas.

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Weird Texas Weather

There is the joke in Texas that we can have all four seasons in one day. Winter in the morning, spring by mid-morning, summer in the afternoon and fall in the evening. While that very much can happen, there is also a broader stroke to paint of the weather in Texas. For instance, spring arrives in March-ish with perfect temperatures. That lasts for about a month. May-ish into June-ish, we hit the 80s with storms and tornadoes. Then it's basically summer for the next six months.

Viral TikTok Video

TikTok user lydia_kyl went to the platform to give about a two minute description of what happens in Texas every year weather wise. Her take is spot on:

@lydia_kyl #fy #fyp #texascheck #texasweather #texasgirl #texas ♬ original sound - Lydia

My Winter Prediction

I'm thinking we're gonna have that wet and cold winter for a majority of the time this season. We'll probably get a day or two of snow in late January or early February and then it will be summer again.

We may seem okay to the rest of the country each season but we're not. We're too busy trying to figure out what to wear because we seldom know what the weather will do 10 minutes from now.

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