I have always dreamed of taking road trips around Texas. Do you ever find yourself staring out the window and wishing you could hop in the car and drive away?

If and when you find yourself having moments like this, to where do you imagine yourself driving? Do you envision a desert town or a beachfront bungalow? Or maybe it's the drive itself you're most jazzed about.

There are so many beautiful places on this planet to visit. And for many of us, we'd like to see almost all of them. At the same time, I'm thankful we live in a state that offers many diverse experience opportunities. Whatever you've got a "hankering" for, travel-wise, in many cases, you can find it in Texas.

One of my favorite road trip destinations is traveling to pretty Texas towns that offer a unique experience in a lovely setting, without necessarily having to brave a gazillion people once I get there.

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If that's something to which you can relate, I've researched some of the prettiest little towns in Texas. Let's take a quick photographic tour. Because even if we can't head out on the open road immediately, we can at least make some travel plans so we're ready to launch when we are.

And research shows that even just PLANNING a trip can be a mood booster. Isn't that an encouraging thought? I thought so. And while there are many others we could add to this list, (and I hope you'll send any you would add), let's start with these.

OK, here are ten of the prettiest little Texas towns you've ever seen, according to one of the most popular travel sites around:

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Ever find yourself staring out the window and wishing you could hop in the car and just drive away? Here are some ideas of where you might wanna go in Texas.

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