Global Samaritan Resources is excited to announce its fall fundraising event. "The Great Es-Skate" is set for October 20th from 10:30 AM until 1:30 PM at The Skatin' Place in Abilene. This is your chance to get "trapped" for a great cause. It's a fun way to raise money by skating for Global Samaritan.

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Joining in the fun is easy:

  • Gather a team of 4 or more
  • Decide on a team theme and name
  • Register your team at the official event page
  • Show up to your "skating sentence" at your assigned time

Here's how it works. One team member will skate while the others on the team tag friends, make phone calls, and promote their fundraising on social media. Not every member of the team has to skate but one person must be skating the whole time. Feel free to tag-team.

Once your team has raised $1,000 by phone calls and payment commitments, your team can "escape"

Skates will be provided or you can bring your own. Roller blades are also acceptable.


There's also an optional after-party at the Ice House starting at 4:30 PM. Awards will be given out to participating teams who:

  • Raise the most money
  • Have the most creative team theme
  • Raise $1,000 or more in the shortest amount of time
  • Skate the most laps (for the longest) while fundraising.

What: "The Great Es-Skate" Fundraising Event for Global Samaritan Resources
When: October 20th, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Where: The Skatin' Place in Abilene

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