The day of love is rapidly approaching - Valentine's Day. Love is obviously a powerful thing but the partner you choose to love has to speak the same love language or there could be trouble ahead. Do you know what your language of love is?

In his popular book, The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman shares that there are ways that love is given. He refers to them as "languages". One is quality time (doing things together), words of affirmation (just saying "I love you"), giving gifts (whether bought or made), physical touch (kissing or cuddling), and acts of service (helping with chores and errands). I found it interesting to note that, according to research, women under the age of 45 are most in tune with these 5 Love Languages.

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I had read the book before so I knew about love languages. Then I came across some interesting information. According to YouGov America, the two top love languages are quality time and physical touch. Quality time came back as very important for women. Fellas, take note. On the other side of the coin, physical touch scored high for the fellas. Ladies, maybe it's time to light some candles and make some memories.

Photo: Samantha Gonzales
Photo: Samantha Gonzales

The study also mentioned most do not speak the same love language as their partner. I sure don't take that as good news. Many people relate that as an early warning sign of divorce and broken relationships. No matter which way you think, knowing your love language and that of your partner sounds vital. Millions of people put their confidence in the 5 Love Languages. Which ones do you speak?

Being prepared this Valentine's Day is the task at hand. Flowers and chocolates are great but you can also show your love by giving the perfect gift. Fellas, it's not the time to go home empty-handed. Keep scrolling for some great gift ideas any gal would love to receive this year.

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