Texans are already flocking to beaches across the Lone Star State to help stay cool in this blazing heat. So, the last thing you want to hear is a huge shark swimming in the waters you're about to take a dip in or even fish in.

Last year at this time, one Texas fisherman captured a massive hammerhead shark feeding in the shallow waters of San Luis Pass which made folks in Texas a little uneasy.

Texas angler, Jason Schilling was fishing off of the shoreline of Galveston's San Luis Pass in May of 2023 when he saw a massive hammerhead shark in shallow waters. Schilling whips out his phone to capture the huge beast which he then posted on his TikTok account.

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WARNING: the footage does have some explicit language.

Many locals commented on the post saying this is a common occurrence and that they have seen many big sharks in the area chasing stingrays and other sea life. Others commented that they wouldn't go into the Galveston waters with or without sharks.

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I have to agree with that last comment. The murky waters of Galveston are not ideal for me to go swimming in. Great for fishing though!

While over 40 different species of sharks inhabit the Texas waters in the Gulf of Mexico, it is rare to see hammerhead sharks though not impossible to spot one.

So far in 2024, it's been relatively quiet when it comes to large shark sitings. Still, this is proof that we share the waters with some magnificent beasts. Happy swimming!

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