In a showdown of the NFL's best, the NFC beat the AFC 64-59 in the 2024 Pro Bowl Games with the help of Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver, Cee Dee Lamb. Check out some of the best images from the game.

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Cee Dee Lamb, representing several Cowboys players at this year's games, caught three touchdown passes, one of them being from his former college quarterback and current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts.

I'm not going to lie, that one was tough to watch considering how much the Cowboys and Eagles hate each other. But, the former Oklahoma Sooner teammates put that aside to help the NFC squad beat the AFC.

In the end, the NFC squad used a late goal-line stand to defeat the AFC in a game that saw the best players in the NFL square off in an epic flag football game. It was a great ending to an event that has had fans scratching their heads as to the level of entertainment these games have.

Pro Bowl Games More Entertaining Than Years Past

When the NFL first rolled out the idea of the NFL Pro Bowl Games, I thought it was a horrible plan. The traditional Pro Bowl was a game that I looked forward to each year, especially as a Cowboys fan, whose team is usually done by this time of the year.

The Pro Bowl had gotten so bad that players practically just stood up at the line and hugged each other when a play started. It was embarrassing for the league and die-hard football fans alike.

Yet, after watching this year's games, I noticed the level of competition was greater, and the players seemed to be having a better time. Maybe there is something to these games after all?

Think about it this way - All of these professional players go through a grueling season that puts a lot of stress on the body both physically and mentally. So naturally it's a little tough to get motivated to play a game that may or may not have a lot of meaning.

I get it now. You work your tail off all year, and then you gain a personal accolade and you're asked to perform at a high level knowing that your season is done.

Many people may argue that these players get paid a ton of money and should willingly put their bodies on the line again because of it. I understand that argument as well but in the end, these players are also human.

Besides, I think these games are way more entertaining than the old Pro Bowl format.

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