I think every kid in America wants to have a cool car with an awesome sound system. I am one of those kids, and I did build a stereo system that attracted the attention of neighbors a few blocks away. My car's name was Eleanor and she was a thumper.

While I was in the Metroplex this past weekend, there was a thumper competition taking place at one of the event venues. All I could hear was that amazing boom-boom sound from those incredible woofers. Yep, it brought back lots of memories of my youth,  rememberingwhen my car didn't even have a tape player or CD player in it.

So if your ride did not come with an exceptional sound system, no need to fear because Fearless is here, with "Fave Five" steps to get started building up your vehicle's sound system.

Choosing the Stereo Unit

Buying a replacement unit can have several popular features like hands-free calling, hands-free texting, Bluetooth capabilities, and much more. Purchasing the right one for you and your vehicle does not have to be frustrating if you go to a store that specializes in aftermarket systems.

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Selecting the Speakers

Choosing the right speakers is critical to get the perfect sound from your new stereo. The right speakers will make all the difference in the world, from the woofers that bring that thumping sound to the tweeter that highlights those guitar solos.

Amping Up the Amplifiers

The right amplifier will make all the difference in the world too, getting those woofers kicking, those tweeters squealing, and everything in between rocking it out. Again, you'll have to go to a stereo vendor to hear all the differences an amp can make, keeping in mind there are certain amps for the low end, the mids, and the highs.

Sound Dampening

Sound dampening requires a little work to quiet the cabin of the vehicle. Nothing is more frustrating than having an incredible sound system only to be disrupted by road noise.

Gauge Wiring

This is probably the most important one of all. Make sure you've got the right gauge wires for the subwoofers, and that the sub amp is not feeding the high-end speakers.

Choosing the right car radio gear can be overwhelming and stressful. Make it easy and check out what is available in town. You will discover that aftermarket stereos are way better than what the auto manufacturers put in; after all, they're selling cars not sound.

For the record, I have had four vehicles that I spent money on to improve the sound. I also tend to believe that is what got my wife's attention nearly 40 years ago when my thumping car let her know I was in her driveway ready to go out on a date.

Enjoy Cruise Night, and turn up the tunes.

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