My new favorite song is from a guy from "down under" and it's simply titled "I Like Guns". My love affair for the cold steel started, well as young as I can remember, I guess I was 4 or 5 years old. I had a little wooden rifle that shot rubber bands. I must have taken out every bad guy known to man back then.

The Cowboy Kid with His Deadly 77 cal Rubber-band Gun
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

When I turned 7 years old I remember begging mom and dad for a "Red Ryder BB Gun". Mom said I would hurt myself. The day I turned 18, I bought my first 30/30 Winchester Lever Action Saddle Rifle. Secretly, every time I shouldered that bad boy, I thought I was a real cowboy. Today I am the awesome-est predator hunter the world has ever seen. While I'm at it I love target shooting too. So, does that make me the worlds awesome-est sniper ever? Because I can take out a bad guy from 1500 yards away with a hard left to right cross wind that's 17 mph using my real-pine-wood rubber-band gun. Now you know why they call me "Fearless Fernandez".

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