Okay, for the record, I am all for hunting and reducing the population of feral hogs in America. That being said I've only hunted hogs the old fashion way, sitting and waiting for hogs to come to a deer feeder. Not too long ago I did a blog on Hunting Hogs From a Helicopter. Now, here's a new and more explosive way to reduce said hog population. Here's how these West Texans use a compound called Tannerite to kill hogs.

The guys packed six pounds of Tannerite into a dead hog and then shot the Tannerite when several more hogs gathered. I will admit some folks might find this disturbing and/or unethical. But when you consider the feral hog problems we are having in Texas, to me it appears to help reduce the hog population. All that comes to my mind now is the old adage, "this is how you kill two birds with one stone".

Caution: Graphic Video may not be suitable for all viewers.

Using Tannerite To Kill Feral Hogs Meet

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