So you're laying in the operating room awaiting your new heart for transplant. You know that whoever is bringing it, is being extra careful with your new heart, right? Think again, organ transporters in Mexico City had a little faux-pas with a human heart, it fell out onto the parking lot. The incident was caught on video and the good news is the heart was still implanted.
In what looks like a beer cooler on wheels and wrapped in yellow butcher paper, two men transporting a recovered human heart, in front of all of Mexico's media. One man stumbles and the cooler pops open, and out comes the contents, one human heart, dry-ice and IV bags all out onto the parking lot. Never missing a step one of the men places the heart back into the cooler and off to the operating room they go. While this story ends on a happy note a young lady will live longer with her new heart, I just can't believe that I let this one go without even one pun on how "her heart just dropped". I'll stop while I'm ahead.
Source: MSNBC