With the sheer volume of photos and teaser images that have dropped over the past two weeks, I’m starting to think that the cast and crew of Logan have decided to release their teaser trailer one still photo at a time. After all, we had months of radio silence on the production, but now director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman seem determined to give us a slew of images to puzzle over. If we take everything and string it all together, does a teaser trailer emerge? Someone other than me should definitely get on that.

This new photo comes courtesy of Jackman’s official Twitter account (via Heroic Hollywood) and seems to provide confirmation that Logan will offer us a world with a much more limited mutant population than what we have seen in the other films. For more on that point, you can check out some of the plot rumors reported by The Wrap earlier this month.

It’s possible that the disappearance of mutants in Logan could draw at least in part on the ‘House of M’ limited series from the Marvel comics. In that series, a powerful character with the ability to bend reality decimated the mutant population in just a few words, bringing their number down from the millions to just a few hundred across the globe. That event had a deep and lasting effect on the Marvel universe, and while very A-list characters are still without their powers to this day  —  nobody stays dead or depowered for very long in the comic books  —  it did give Logan a template to work from. It will be interesting to see how Wolverine and Professor Xavier deal with a world where mutants are on the decline.

In addition to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, Logan will also star Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, and Stephen Merchant. The film will hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

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